You Can Help

A Gift of Land of conservation value is the most generous way of preserving the natural beauty of Truro into Perpetuity. Such donations may provide substantial income, estate, and capital gains tax benefits. You can be assured that the Trust will diligently maintain the property in its unspoiled state for the benefit of Truro and for you is, as is likely, you will remain a neighbor of such land. We are also most appreciative of lands willed to the Trust.
A Bargain Sale consists of selling your conservation property to the Trust at below market price. This is another way to achieve significant preservation of land. There are tax benefits in this to you and the saving of limited cash resources for the Trust.
A Conservation Restriction is the setting aside of a parcel of property, perhaps adjacent to your home, which you continue to own and make use of, but which is dedicated in perpetuity to ensure that the land will not be developed. As this diminishes the sale value of your land, your property tax will decrease and, as a gift for conservation, you may have in income tax deduction for tax purposes. Trustees will be more than willing to assist you in achieving any of these goals. Send an email to or write to us at P.O. Box 327, North Truro, MA 02652.

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