Land Holdings

Conservation Successes

The conservation successes highlighted below are examples of the many parcels of land protected by and under the stewardship of the Truro Conservation Trust.  To view a map of protected lands in Truro or to see a list of land protected by the Trust click on the links under Land Holdings on this page.

Keniston Purchase

Purchased: June 2010 for $69,150
Location: 222 Route 6 (adjacent to the Mobil-Morea properties acquired by the Town and Trust in 2002)
Size: 4.61 acre hillside wooded area with flat land at the top
Financial Assistance: $35,000 State Grant; $7,000 grant from the Fields Pond Foundation, $2,500 grant from the Cape Cod Five Foundation, $1000 donation from The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts Land Fund, and $1,025 from the owners of properties in the neighborhood.

The Keniston family wanted this property protected from development and, to that goal, offered the land to the Trust at a below-market price. The Trust is grateful to the family for this consideration and to the entities and neighbors who have contributed financially to this project. The remaining balance of $22,625 came from the Trust’s Charles S. Davidson Endowment Fund. The Trust is studying the potential for a public-access trail at some appropriate location on this property. If the trail is constructed, there will be a bench at the top of the hill where there is a viewpoint looking into the National Seashore.  The photo for this property is taken from Route 6 looking up the hill at the 4.61 acres.



Schiffenhaus Conservation Restriction

Restricted: December 31, 2009
Location: 30 & 31 Stephen’s Way (aka “the Hopper House”)
Size: 7.57 acres of bay front heathland and dune
Contributor: The Schiffenhaus Family on the behalf of the Schiffenhaus Revocable Trust

The Schiffenhaus family has long recognized the historic and conservation value of the property since it was owned by Edward and Jo Hopper who were close friends of the Schiffenhaus family. The house is known worldwide as the summer residence of Edward Hopper and is where he produced numerous Cape Cod paintings. Also, the land on which the house sits is known for a large stand of the rare species, broom crowberry. The synergy between these two valuable assets resulted in the Schiffenhauses, most particularly brothers Anton and Larry, contacting the Trust to develop a Conservation Restriction agreement. This CR is one of the most significant Truro conservation projects in recent years. The Trust and the people of Truro thank the Schiffenhaus family for protecting this property for all future generations. The photo shows the bay-side portion of the land protected under the CR and the “Hopper House.”


Chapman Conservation Restriction

Restricted: July 21, 2010
Location:186 Old County Road (the last parcel of land in Truro prior to entering Wellfleet, on the east side of the road)
Size: 2.32 acres, of a 3-acre, heavily treed parcel
Contributor: Lisbeth Chapman on the behalf of the Chapman Family Realty Trust

Lisbeth “Beth” Chapman offered the Trust a Conservation Restriction on this parcel of land that had been in her family for generations. She decided to sell the entire 3-acre parcel, but only after deeding a CR on the 2.32-acre hill contained within the parcel. The property was held by the Chapman Family Realty Trust which sold the property, subject to the CR, to a private owner. Beth lives year-round on the adjacent property just across the town line in Wellfleet. The CR was approved by the State and the Truro Board of Selectmen and recorded at the Registry. The Trust thanks Beth for offering this CR to the Trust. The photo looks up the hillside of the property from Old County Road.


Rothchild Conservation Restriction

Restricted: April 28, 2010
Location: 49 Fisherman’s Road
Size: 0.75 acre parcel of bay front property
Contributor: The Rothchild family on the behalf of the Sylvia Rothchild 2005 Revocable Trust.

The Rothchild family wanted to honor their mother, Sylvia, by applying for a Conservation Restriction to the family’s vacant bay front property on Fisherman’s Road. The property is across the road from their family summer home at 42 Fisherman’s Road. This family plan culminated in an approved and deeded CR on the bay front property, protecting it from development forever. It is an impressive property that could easily have been sold for the development of another large bay front house. The Trust thanks the Rothchild family for their conservation plan. The photo is taken from the property looking south, along Cape Cod Bay, to Wellfleet.